Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drawing Again

Lately I've been trying to start drawing again, it's been awhile. I doodle alot but it has been a few years since I made any "finished" art. Swords & Wizardry in particular has inspired me to go back and revisit a lot of the old RPG art that I enjoyed in my youth. I've also been scouring the web for new inspiration at sites like trollboy's . I feel like I'm starting to get my chops back a bit. Here's a few recent sketches that I thought were getting me pointed in the right direction.


DuBeers said...

I love it! You really capture the look and feel of TLBBs!

Matt Finch said...

I like the top two the best! Very weird stuff, Russell. That's what you get when you top off brisket with a couple too many beers. :)