Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Project Progress

I think I'm about 75% done with the graveyard module/setting that I'm working on. It's my own attempt at making a location that is not a one-shot location for a specific adventure. Instead, its a location that DM's can add into their own setting and use to facilitate adventures of their own design. The locale is detailed and there are maps for the major areas but the rest is left open-ended so it can be tailored for individual use. I'm currently torn between using my actual maps from the campaign I desgned them for or using the new ones I've created since the latter are much nicer looking. Once I make a decision about that aspect of the project and finish adding the statblocks needed for Swords & Wizardry I believe the undertaking will be complete and I can begin on the next one. Hopefully, fans of Judges Guild type settings will enjoy what I've put together even though this is less epic than anythign JG ever made. I'm anxioius to hear what people think so I can use those observations to improve future material. I intend to submit this to a future edition of KnockSpell magazine. Regardless of its acceptance there, it will eventually be a free download. 
The next "All the Dice" generators are also coming along nicely. I think the next one I make available will be the random terrain/treasure map/adventure idea generator. Also in the works are a potion creator and a generator for merchants and wares in a bazaar type environment. 

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