Saturday, August 8, 2009

Game Report: HackMaster Basic: Basement of Zenopus


So, last night I ran HackHamster's hacked old-school module "Basement of Zenopus" for some freinds. I had drawn up an oversize map to use for Salthaven. A bit of obligatory roleplay around the tavern got our party into the clues they needed to get into frame of mind for the dungeon crawl that was to come.

The group was composed of Dwar and Human Fighters, an Elf Mage, and a Halfling Thief.

Upon investigating the entrance chamber and it's exits they quickly deduced the nature of the illusionary rubble that blocked one of the passageways. Feeling that it must be hiding something, they continued beyond the mirage.

The sleeping goblin in the next room was a bit more trouble. The Dwarf almost bought the farm when the goblin awoke and fired of the booby trap. It escaped into the next area and the party gave chase. A good melee resulted with the goblins therein being slaughtered handily by the party.

After looting the area thoroughly they headed to the next area. Again, not heeding my clues of a spiked door with cobwebs and cold air blowing from underneath it, they pressed on.
The gigantic spiders trap lured them right in... "what's in the bucket?". Only one party member got bitten, the poison was quite lethal.

We ended the game here, agreeing to meet again and continue the adventure.

Main impressions of the system as a DM. The countdown initiative isn't too hard to keep track of, i found myself utilizing a grid and checking off boxes as each second went by. I could see where this would be a good job for a dry erase board, perhaps. Weapon speed took a few go-rounds for the group to get a handle on but they were soon into the groove, "Hacking!", "Jabbing!", "Firing!". Everyone enjoyed the penetration dice and the gritty realistic feel of the combat and felt that it seemed to make more sense than abstract rounds and hitpoints. We're going to keep trying it a couple more sessions but we did discuss possibly switching to swords and wizardy to cut down on math. The good thing is, I could still continue the campaign without really changing anything. :)

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