Sunday, August 9, 2009

More adventuring in Cromlech Tor

Yesterday saw an 8 hour game in Philotomy's Megadungeon. Actually, we spent a great deal of the session above ground. The updated campaign thread is here

This was the first time we've gotten together since before sometime in late spring and it was one of the best yet. We learned a great deal more about PJ's dungeon, and mapped out some new territory. Everybody was making good rolls and the new guy fit in well also. Hopefully we can meet up again soon. PJ was full of surprises this time with lots of interesting encounters. Even letting us draw our own map of an ideal ambush site at one point since we spent time scouting one out. I managed to drop a huge albino ape with a little help from our fighter. A pretty good feat for my puny 4hp Cleric considering it took 21 pts to drop the ape (14 from me on two lucky hits). Mythmere escaped one situation by the skin of his teeth as well, I really thought he was about to bite the farm when nearly the entire party fled some kind of undead thing that he managed to take out single handedly.

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DuBeers said...

Sounds like a blast.