Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Gaming Weekend

I'm quite excited to report that I have three games in three days this weekend. Kicking off a new campaign tonight, it will either be S&W:Core + Skathro's Companion or HackMaster Basic. Either is fine with me, I'm letting the players pick, my notes will work either way since we are starting with Basement of Zenopus.

Tomorrow is Philotomy Jurament's game, he runs OD&D and knows the system inside and out. This will be our fifth or sixth session in his MegaDungeon and we have a new player at the table as well.

Sunday is the third session of a HackMaster Basic game that I have joined over at Midnight Comics in Katy. That game has been a hoot so far. We are still learning HM:B but it feels like D&D to me, even with its funky opposed roll system and countdown initiative.

All in all it looks to be a fun weekend of gaming. Hope I don't drive the wife crazy!


Chgowiz said...

I bet playing in Philotomy's game rocks.

DuBeers said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. If I weren't "on call" I would drive down that way and help you bust a few heads.